Malefice at night.

Malefice is a city that sits adjacent to a lake that connects to the Mississippi river in central United States. The city was built around Malefice Tower, a high, 300-story tower named after the Latin word for villain. Zander now owns the tower, and owns most of Malefice City, making him the "Mayor" of Malefice. Some of the main attractions of Malefice are Malefice Tower, the Theater, and various commercial buildings. In the center of Malefice City is Central Park, in which Malefice Tower looms in the middle of. The Malefice police are largely connected to the Black Market, and the Police are basically the work force for the Market. The citizens of Malefice live in either large mansions or lake houses. You may fish on Hostis Lake, as it is called, but watch out for the huge Shark-Piranha muttations that lurk in its deep, dark depths. Have fun in Malefice city, and remember: Don't get too curious.