The outside of the entrance of the Hideout.

    The New Order Head Quarters is very remote and normal looking ... from the top. From the outside it looks normal but it is so much more. As you walk into the cabin you walk into a dining room with a small kitchen on the right. In the back there are two rooms. On the left is the bathroom and the right is a bedroom. If you enter the bedroom and walk to the desk you notice a few newer boards under the desk. Under the desk is a small button that opens the newer boards like a trapdoor. There is a ladder leading into darkness and an auto closer of the door when it senses weight on the 9th step.

     After 50 steps on the ladder you enter a room that is blocked off by a large metal door. Next to the door there are three electronics. The one on the bottom is a number pad with a fingerprint scanner. The second is a retnal scanner/security camera. And the last one is a DNA scanner that you are told to spit on. If you are not recognized a silent alarm goes off and the trapdoor up the ladder won't open. But if you are recognized the door opens inward without making a noise. You walk into a half-circle room with 5 doors.

     The middle is the longest hallway but at the end is where Jamal and Cassy live. It is also the main office. To the far right is where the training room is. On the near right is the mission/equipment room. On the close left is the locker room and laundry room. On the far left is where the team sleeps, eats, and hangs out.